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Conference HDH2017: “Sociedades, políticas, saberes”

The University of Malaga held this week (18-20 October) the Conference HDH2017: “Sociedades, políticas, saberes”

More information here

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Conference “Humanidades Digitales: miradas hacia la Edad Media”

The Universidade de Santiago de Compostela held this week the International Conference Humanidades Dixitais: olladas cara á Idade Media (Digital Humanities: a look to the Middle Ages) organised by the Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies Network.

More information here


Conference “PLOTTING POETRY – On Mechanically Enhanced Reading / MACHINER LA POESIE – Sur les lectures appareillées”

On October 6, Clara Martínez Cantón and Pablo Ruiz Fabo, members of the POSTDATA team presented their work “Automatic Enjambment Detection as a New Source of Evidence in Spanish Versification”.

More information here

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Conference “Aportes de la extracción de motivos sintácticos al estudio del estilo gongorino

27 of September (Madrid)

Marie-Lelantine, a PhD student of the Labex OBVIL, came in Madrid to give a lecture about her work in the Université Paris-Sorbonne.

More information here


Jornadas “Investigación y nuevos medios”

26 January, Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid (Spain)

Mara Manailescu , Project Manager of POSTDATA has attended the event and was invited to talk about the project and the further development of LINHD in digital humanities field. More information about the event can be found here.


6th AIUCD 2017 Conference

26 – 28 January, Rome (Italy)

Dr. Elena González Blanco García the IP of the POSTDATA project has presented the project, and talked about our latest developments. More information about the event can be found here.


2nd Workshop of the project “Elaboration of a Concept for a European Academies Internet Gateway (AGATE)”

 16 January 2017,  Berlin (Germany)

We have been invited to participate in this meeting as experts in the panel  “user involvement”. More information about the event can be found here.

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Seminar: I Jornadas UCM: La investigación en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades Desafíos y perspectivas en entornos digitales

 12 – 13 January, University Complutense of Madrid (Spain)

Dr. Elena González-Blanco García the IP of POSTDATA project is one of the three invited plenary members and will give the lecture: “Digital Humanities today: Associations, Centres, Infrastructures and Fundraising”. More information about the event can be found here.

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The 2nd International Symposium “Linked Pasts”

15-16 December  LINHD, UNED, Madrid (Spain)

LINHD has organised the 2nd International Symposium “Linked Pasts” dedicated to facilitating practical and pragmatic developments in Linked Open Data in History, Classics, Geography and Archaeology. More information about the event can be find here, and the videos below.

Event Videos


Jornadas Humanidades Digitales, el reto de la filología en el siglo XXI

14 – 15 December, Seville (Spain)

Elena González-Blanco has participated in the round table discussion about the digital sources for philological research. More information about the event here.


Seminar The Digital Humanities present and future perspectives, 12th Edition, Autumn Cycle 2016

13 – 15  December, Toledo (Spain)

The inaugural lecture has been given by Dr. Elena González Blanco García with a presentation on: The Digital Humanities: a discipline to be defined in Spain between Sciences and Letters.

More information about the event here.


Digital Humanities Conference: Experiences and Perspectives

8 – 9 December, Warsaw (Poland)

This was the first European Conference about Centres of Digital Humanities. Dr. Elena González Blanco García presented the DH Lab (LINHD) and below you can see the video and the article.


Conference: Catálogo Internacional de Libros de Texto

30 November – 2 December, Mexico City (Mexico)

Dr. Elena González Blanco García, Director of LINHD UNED Spain and the IP of the POSTDATA project had a presentation regarding Digital  Humanities as new techniques to tackle new research challenges. More information about the event here.


10th International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research (MTSR2016)

22 – 25 November, Göttingen (Germany)

MTSR conference has organised for the first time a Digital Humanities & Digital Curation Workshop (DHC) where Dr. Mariana Curado Malta as member of our POSTDATA research team presented the paper: Digital repertoires of poetry metrics: towards a Linked Open Data ecosystem.

Research article


 2016 AHLiST International Conference

17 – 22 November, Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)

Dr. Elena González Blanco had the honer to have the closing conference of the event and presented to POSTDATA project developments. You can see below the conference video, and more about the event in our blog post.



Conference: Representaciones artístico – literarias: dimensión ética de narrativas estratégicas intermediales

18 November, Complutense University Madrid (Spain)

Dr. Elena González Blanco García was a keynote speaker and you can see below the conference video, and here a short blog post about the participation.


 First Congreso de Humanidades Digitales: Construcciones locales en contextos globales

7 – 9 November, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We have participated in the first Conference in Digital Humanities organised by the Asociación Argentina de Humanidades Digitales (AAHD). More information about the event here.


Fourth International Conference on Technological Ecosystem for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM2016)

2 – 4  November, Salamanca (Spain)

Due to the increase of the new field of Digital Humanities the TEEM conference added a new theme in the event: New trends in Digital humanities. We were there to present our project and the article: From syllables, lines and stanzas to linked open data: standardization, interoperability and multilingual challenges for digital humanities.

Research Article


International Conference on Dublin Core & Metadata Applications

13 – 16 October, Copenhagen (Denmark)

POSTDATA team has presented  the preliminary work of the project at the event. More about our participation here and in the article: POSTDATA: Towards publishing European Poetry as Linked Open Data.

Research Article


VIII International Conference Lyra Minima

3 – 5 October, Valladolid (Spain)

With the presentation of the POSTDATA  example of how poetry can be view in the digital humanities field. Here is our blog post.


 TEI conference 2016

26 – 30 September, Vienna (Austria)

The event was an opportunity for our team to present the work done in the project. Here is the blog post about our participation and our research article: TEIScribe: A graphic tool for composing and testing TEI documents in the context of the EVI-LINHD environment.

Research Article


5th Spanish Conference of Computer Science (CEDI2016)

13 –14 September, Salamanca (Spain)

Elena González-Blanco García together with other two researchers of POSTDATA team attended the Conference. Here is a review about the participacion and the article: Spanish CLARIN K-Centre / CLARIN Centro-K-español.

Research Article


2016 Digital Humanities Conference

11 – 16 July, Kraków (Poland)

The POSTDATA team has attended the event and presented 4 research papers and a poster. Also you can read here about our participation.

Research articles
  1. DH Poetry Modelling: a Quest for Philological and Technical Standardization
  2. Boundary Land: Diversity as a defining feature of the Digital Humanities
  3. EVI-LINHD. A Virtual Research Environment for the Spanish-speaking Community
  4. Researchers’ perceptions of DH trends and topics in the English and Spanish-speaking community. DayofDH data as a case study


10th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

23-28 May 2016, Portorož (Slovenia)

Poster presentation:  Linked open data to represent multilingual poetry collections. A proposal to solve interoperability issues between poetic repertoires 

Research Article


POSTDATA Kickoff Meeting


Here you can find some useful presentations and materials from the conference organised by LINHD in the context of the DH Summer School: Digital technologies applied to the study of poetry .

Event videos

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