The 2018 Digital Humanities Conference took place in Mexico City between June 26 and 29, organized by The Association of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO),  El Colegio de México,  La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and in collaboration with La Red de Humanidades Digitales. POSTDATA took part in the conference with a short paper and a poster.

We presented the new version of our DISCO corpus, which consists in 4,000 sonnets in Spanish by over 1,000 authors, both canonical and not, from Europe and America, spanning the 15th to the19th centuries. The corpus is provided in TEI and plain text. Besides the TEI semantics, RDFa attributes (a linked-data format) encode author metadata. The corpus has literary annotations obtained via Natural Language Processing, more concretely scansion and enjambment annotations, and can be freely donwloaded here. The paper is available here.

We also presented the web interface to ANJA, our automatic enjambment detection tool. This can be seen here. You can upload poems and obtain enjambment annotations on them according to a specialized typology. The paper is available here.

This was a very fulfilling event that we’d like to thank the organizers for, as well as other attendees!