Yesterday, September 27, Marie-Eglantine Lescasse, a PhD student at Labex OBVIL, gave a lecture about her work at Université Paris IV Sorbonne. She talked about the contributions of syntactic motif retrieval to the study of Góngora’s style.

The lecture was organized by the LINHD lab, where Marie-Eglantine could discuss with other Digital Humanities experts interesting issues related to lexicometry and computational analysis applied to literature.

After a quick presentation of OBVIL’s Project Góngora, that concerns digital edition and analysis of the work by this author, Marie-Eglantine Lescasse discussed her ongoing work on the stylometric characterization of Góngora, particularly as compared with Garcilaso de la Vega.

She explained how to extract syntactic motifs with the TXM tool and how her research team is trying to discover gongorine idionsyncrasies, by the detection of recurrent associations of syntactic features with “poetic functions”.

Please, find a video of the talk and the slides as follows:

See you soon! 🙂