POSTDATA team is pleased to announce that our colleagues Maurizio Toscano, L. Bocanegra Barbecho, Salvador Ros Muñoz and Elena González-Blanco have won DARIAH’s Best Poster Award for their poster ‘Insights on scholarly primitives from Digital Humanities research in Spain‘. The poster presents data referring to projects, resources, journals and training in Digital Humanities in Spain, in order to provide the global community of scholars working in this field with a greater understanding of the current Spanish scenario.

More than 1,000 records have been mapped, distributed as follow: 577 researchers; 368 projects;88 resources; 9 post-graduate courses; and 8 specialised journals. Digital resources (i.e. repositories of documents, collections of artefacts, crowdsourcing platforms, dictionaries, databases, etc.), which are the objet of this poster, aim to show the basic of day-to-day research workflow in the Humanities.

More information on the study can be found at DARIAH-EU.