Name Description Annotation Items Format Disponibility Link
Disco Diachronic Spanish Sonnet Corpus Metric y enjambment 4087 sonnets Plain text, TEI Public
Carvajal Corpus Spanish poems written by Antonio Carvajal Milena Metric and rhyme 300 poems Plain text Private Corpus Spanish poetry ~80.000 poems Plain text Public
Fandom lyrics Corpus Spanish songs ~100.000 songs Plain text Private
Gongocorpus Corpus of Góngora’s poetry Metric 241 poems Plain text Public
Biblioteca Italiana Corpus Italian poems 18.000 poems Plain text, TEI Public
Middle High German Conceptual Database Subset of the available poems in the MHDB Database at the University of Salzburg Metric ~500.000 verses Plain text Public
Poeti d’Italia Corpus of Italian poems 823 poems Plain text, TEI, HTML Public
Pedecerto Corpus of Latin poems Metric 457 poems XML Private
TextGrid Poetry Corpus Corpus of German poems 100.000 poems Plain text Public
Project Gutenberg Poetry Corpora Corpus of verses in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. 3 million verses Plain text Public
Miladinovci Corpus of Macedonian songs 678 songs Plain text Private
Métrique en Ligne Corpus of French poems Rhyme 5.000 poems Plain text Public
Hismetag corpus Corpus of texts in medieval Spanish Named entities 10 texts Plain text, XML Public
EDFU Corpus of Spanish words syllabified Syllables ~100.000 words Plain text Public
PULPO Corpus of verses in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Czech, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Finnish Hungarian, Russian, and German Language  ~95 Million words Plain  text Public
Spanish Stanzas Corpus of Spanish stanzas Stanzas 5005 stanzas Plain text Public+Private