The First Digital Humanities event at Autonomus University of Barcelona was held on April 18 & 19 , organized by the Digital Humanities Network (@XHumDigitUAB). The event aimed to share the digital humanities developed by UAB and related projects of their groups and centers.

Sulema Rodríguez-Roche, our research fellow, was there and presented the DESIR project to all the participants during the round table: Networks and Associations of Digitals Humanities, presented by Xarxa d’Humanitats Digitals at UAB, RedHD of Mexico, CSIC of Madrid and the organizer.

April 20th was dedicated to a Digital Humanities Projects Workshop, led by David Domínguez Herbón (@herdado_hd) from RedHD of México.

All the event could be followed on Twitter under the hashtag #humanitatsdigitalsUAB