Last week POSTDATA was in Cologne at DHd 2018, the annual conference of Digital Humanities im deutschprachigen Raum (German-speaking DH association). The conference was hosted by the Cologne Center for eHumanities and the University of Cologne.

We presented a corpus called DISCO, the Diachronic Spanish Sonnet Corpus. This features over 4,000 sonnets by more than 1,000 authors, both European and American, including canonical as well as non-canonical authors. It covers material from the 15th to the 19th century. Several standards have been applied, like TEI and RDFa. The sonnets are annotated with VIAF IDs for the authors, and literary annotations are available, for metrics and enjambment. The work was a collaboration with José Calvo (from the CLiGS group at the University of Würzburg) and is accessible on GitHub, here:

This event was also the chance to meet old colleagues and get to know some new ones!

You can see the poster on zenodo.

Thank you DHd!