Open Science is a practice of science and a movement to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society under terms that enable the reuse, redistribution and replicability of the research and its underlying data and methods.

Last Thursday June 21th, the Open Science and the Humanities Conference 2018 took place at the University of Barcelona. POSTDATA Project was presented by Luciana Ayciriex, current POSTDATA Project Manager.

The opening session was chaired by  Xavier Roigé Ventura, Vicerector de Doctorat i Promoció de la Recerca, Domènech Espriu Climent, Vicerector de Recerca, Àlex Aguilar Vila, Vicerector de Projecció i Internacionalizació and José Remesal from University of Barcelona.

Programme of the conference