On 11th December 2017 the National Library of Spain, BNE, organized a one day workshop to analyze recent projects on digital edition. The digitization of collections and the development of digital editing tools have led to the emergence of many different ways to deal with digital texts. This workshop aimed to discuss and reflect on how current projects are being developed, what digital edition and publishing means nowadays and what role can be played by cultural institutions, especially the BNE, in this new context. Here you have more info about the Workshop and its program.

Clara Martínez Cantón and Pablo Ruiz Fabo, members of the POSTDATA team, presented two different talks:

  • Clara Martínez Cantón presented her work on “Medieval Poetry in a Digital Environment. Edition and interoperability in the 21st Century. In her talk she presented different Digital Humanities projects carried out at the LINHD group that share the same object of research: medieval Castilian poetry and its metrics: Remetca, Medieval Dialogue, Poetriae and, finally, POSTDATA. It can be consulted on: https://zenodo.org/record/1101120#.Wi7U1EriY2w
  • Pablo Ruiz Fabo presented “Contributions of Natural Language Processing to navigating digital corpora”. The talk discussed how natural language technologies can help provide richer corpus exploration experiences for users. Three case studies were presented: First, navigating actors and their statements in a climate negotiation corpus called the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. Second, navigating concepts in Jeremy Bentham’s manuscripts. Finally, it was shown how the same NLP technologies were applied to automatically annotate a poetry corpus for occurrences of a device called “enjambment”. Evaluation issues were also addressed. The slides are available at http://bit.ly/2kmrH6v


The video for the complete workshop is available below, with our talks starting at 2:22:55 (Clara) and 55:08 (Pablo).

Thank you BNE!