Last Saturday, October 19th, the POSTDATA team participated in a session on Language Processing organized by Madrid.

In this session some tools for the execution of PLN were discussed, and the students could perform practical exercises using the SpaCy textual data processor.

Afterwards, Elena González-Blanco, POSTDATA principal investigator, gave an overall view of the project: the analysis, classification and publication of poetry by using several Digital Humanities techniques. Javier de la Rosa and Álvaro Pérez, researchers of the project, presented the PoetryLab tool. Javier presented the objectives of PoetryLab, both analytic and interoperability, focusing on the solutions that had been reached and its integration into a common API. Álvaro presented the challenges involved in developing such a tool, and the challenge of dealing with poetic language subtleties. Finally, a demo of the public API and the web user interface were presented.

We want to thank the Saturdays.Ai organizers, Pablo Castañeda and Carmen Vázquez de Castro for inviting us to participate in this session devoted to computational linguistics.

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