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Last week, the first international workshop of the ERC POSTDATA project “Building a common model for semantic interoperability in the digital poetry ecosystems”, was held at UNED to mark the tenth anniversary of the European Research Council.The event brought more than thirty participants from 13 different nationalities that represented 26 POSTDATA project partners and poetry projects. The objective: to work together to develop a technological model based on linked data that allows to communicate the languages developed over the years in different poetic traditions.

All the videos of the workshop are available  in the website of the project and in our channels:youtubecanaluned












The workshop, organized by LINHD (Lab Innovation of Digital Humanities) of UNED, was headed by Elena González-Blanco, principal investigator of the project.

The Workshop began on March 15 with the presentation of POSTDATA, as well as each of the projects that are part of it.

During the morning sessions, Mariana Curado Malta and Helena Bermúdez talked about such important issues as interoperability and the creation of a common conceptual model.

In the afternoon session, the guests had a more active participation as the experimentation of the model has started and each of the participants worked on it and in their repertoires, in order to reach a common point.On Thursday, the main theme of the workshop was the role of Controlled Vocabularies in POSTDATA.

This part of the workshop was presented by Gimena del Río Riande and Diego Ferreyra,collaborators of the project in CONICET,
Argentina. During the morning they talked about the importance of CVs in digital
environments and presented “Tematres”, a tool developed by Diego Ferreyra and used in this types of projects.

During the afternoon sessions, POSTDATA partners and collaborators worked together, experimenting the tool presented to create Controlled Vocabularies and evaluating the POSTDATA work in this area so far.

The workshop finished on Friday 17 with the Discussion and Evaluation of the first draft of the conceptual model of POSTDATA, as well as a conclusion of the workshop and the possibility of future collaborations.

We have worked very hard during those three days, but we had also time to enjoy the stay in Madrid and we finished with a tradicional Spanish dinner.

We are eager to organize the next POSTDATA event and we hope to have more partners engaged in our activities.