From September, 9th to 11th , Mª Luisa Díez Platas, POSTDATA Researcher has participated in CLARIN Workshop: NLP Tools for Historical Documents (, organized by Bryan Jurish and Martin Wynne; funded by CLARIN ERIC, with the support of the BBAW and Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford.

The workshop has been a meeting of experts in NLP tools for working with historical documents will meet to exchange ideas, experiences about tools and methods, and develop a resource guide, and a plan of action to integrate more tools into the CLARIN infrastructure.
The workshop has brought people together people who are creating or working with NLP tools (especially tokenizers, normalizers, morphological analyzers, part of speech taggers and lemmatizers) for historical language varieties, especially European languages in the period 1500-1800.

POSTDATA will like to give a special thanks to Bryan Jurish and Martin Wynne for welcoming us in Berlin with such care.