POSTDATA Project has participated in CLARIN’s Annual Conference which was celebrated virtually, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s edition was designed to get the most out of the innovative options that come with a virtual format, with special sessions and more interactions between the participants and the authors. 

On behalf of our team, Javier de la Rosa introduced PoetryLab as infrastructure for the analysis of Spanish poetry. PoetryLab is a toolkit that combines the different tools result of our research at POSTDATA and expose them using a unified and common REST interface. There are some interesting aspects in the life-cycle of the tools and the toolkit, such as professional development practices, thorough testing, continuous integration, automatic docker containerization, and continuous deployment. There was great interest in the way PoetryLab could be adapted to other languages and about its general availability. In that regard, the core modules seem to follow the same pattern regardless of the language: syllabification, part of speech tagger, letter groupings, and stress assignment. In terms of accessing the toolkit, there exists a web-based demo site showing a graphical user interface demonstrating some of the capabilities of our tools.  

It is accessible at 

 We want to congratulate CLARIN’s team for such a great organization of the virtual Conference.  

Last but not least, we are happy to announce that #CLARIN2021 Annual Conference will be held in Madrid and POSTDATA Project will coorganize it.  

 We look forward to welcoming you in Madrid, see you in September 2021!