INTELE Network, the strategic network for the promotion of language technology infrastructures in the humanities and social sciences in Spain, held a workshop on Digital Humanities in Spain and policies to support European digital infrastructures. 

On the occasion of this workshop, POSTDATA has presented two posters on its latest research development:

  • PoetryLab: Open Source Toolkit for the Analysis of Spanish Poetry Corpora: Poetrylab is a set of tools for the automatic analysis of Spanish poetry, based on natural language processing. Its aim is to offer tools to researchers so that they can analyze very large corpus, with a very high precision.
  • Towards an Ontology for European Poetry: This poster presents the development of an ontology for the domain of European poetry. This ontology, and more specifically the network of ontologies on European Poetry, solves the problem of fragmentation and non-standardized knowledge, by proposing a coherent semantic conceptualization of the domain.

Moreover, Salvador Ros, Technical Director of POSTDATA, took part in a round tableo n European Digital Infraestructures, such as CLARIN and DARIAH.

For more information on the INTELE’s Workshop, please visit: