On Friday April 6, POSTADATA took part in a seminar entitled “Estilometría y Siglo de Oro: El giro computacional en el estudio de textos áureos” (“Stylometry and the Spanish Golden Age: The computational turn”). The seminar was organized by Marie-Églantine Lescasse and Prof. Mercedes Blanco from the LEMH-CLEA group at Université Paris IV Sorbonne, who we’d like to thank! The seminar topics were stylometry and computational stylistics.

From our group, Pablo Ruiz presented work on the automatic analysis of metrical patterns and on automatic enjambment detection, applied to large sonnet corpora from the Golden Age and later periods, covering about 10,000 sonnets in Spanish. The slides (in Spanish) are available on zenodo.

This was also the chance to listen to presentations by Laura Hernández Lorenzo from the University of Seville and José Calvo Tello from the University of Würzburg, and take part in interesting debate with a very specialized audience.

The seminar’s program is below.