The Revista de Poética Medieval has just published its new issue entitled “Digital poetry repertoires: from the Middle Ages to interoperability“.
The issue, coordinated by professors Elena González-Blanco and Helena Bermúdez, focuses on online poetic resources and the different computational methods applied to the study of poetry.
Most of the digital repertoires of poetry focus on the Medieval period. These repertoires show the differences between European countries and their philological traditions and literary genre. As a consequence, online access to poetry collections is highly fragmented, leading to a problem of interlinguistic communication. However, thanks to the inclusion of big data and algorithms, this problem can be tackled from a digital point of view, making these traditions “interoperable” again.
This special issue features some of the digital repertoires that show the variety and uniqueness of European medieval poetry through its different traditions.
The framework for this monograph is given by the European research project Poetry Standardization and Linked Open Data (POSTDATA).


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