The Laboratorio de Innovación en Humanidades Digitales (LINHD) and the POSTDATA project participate in the 3rd Annual Meeting of the project Power and Representations: Cultural transfers in the Modern Era  that took place at the National Archaeological Museum on May 18, 2019 and that was organized by the join project Poder i Representacions . Transferències culturals a l’Època Moderna by UNED and Universitat de Barcelona.

Mª Luisa Díez Platas, researcher of the POSTDATA project, carried out the Workshop: “La aplicación de las herramientas digitales al estudio de las redes en la Monarquía de España“.  In this workshop, an overview of  LINHD and POSTDATA  activities and developments  was given,  and how they apply to the study of the networks of the Monarchy and other projects of digital humanities  .

Later on, we assisted to an introductory talk by Alejandra Osorio (Wellesley College) about   “La Monarquía de España en la Edad Moderna: nudos, redes y conectores. Algunas perspectivas,”  and a round table moderated by Joan-Lluís Palos (UB) about “La teoría de las redes sociales y su aplicación al estudio de la Monarquía de España”.

LINHD and POSTDATA thank Dr. Joan-Lluís Palos and Dr. Diana Carrió-Invernizzi for their invitation to teach the workshop and for the opportunity to present the Laboratory of Innovation in Digital Humanities and the POSTDATA project to the researchers