The LaTTiCE Linguistics Lab in Paris organized a seminar entitled “Crossing borders: Three talks on Text Analysis and Digital Humanities” on Friday, June 23.

The three key speakers at the conference were Melissa Terras, UCL (University College London), Caroline Sporleder (University of Göttingen) and Elena González-Blanco, UNED (Madrid).

The PI of the POSTDATA project, Elena González Blanco has done a short description of the project, the research done m¡by now and the next steps and future results of ir. The title of the presentation was: “From counting syllables to linked data. Interoperability and digital standardization as a new model to analyze European poetry: POSTDATA “.

The complete program and information about the talks and participants can be found here.

The event took place on the occasion of the defense of the Doctoral Thesis of Pablo Ruiz Fabo, specialist in language technologies and natural language processing that has just joined the LINHD team in the framework of the European research project ERC POSTDATA.