LINHD  participated at the  2016 Digital Humanities Conference, organised between 11 – 16 July at Kraków, Poland. More than 900 researchers attended this international academic conference where one of the presentations was held by Dr. Elena González Blanco and Dr.Clara Martínez “DH Poetry Modelling: a Quest for Philological and Technical Standardization”, and introducing POSTDATA project to the audience. The new and challenging initiative of using digital technologies which will allow for the first time poetic repertoires to be hypertextual, easily stored, retrievable and comparable has captivated the public and opened new opportunities of collaboration. As stated by the speakers: ” what we have nowadays is: a lot of knowledge of poetry in different languages modeled in many different ways and not connected…”.  Processing great quantity of information for quantitative research and development of a new platform able to search in all the poetic databases at the same time were discussed at the event, all being part of the research developed under the project.

You can see below the presentation in a sideshow mode: