CINVESTAV is organising the Conference “Catálogo Internacional de Libros de Texto” in Mexico City. Between 30 of November and 2nd of December experts in the digital humanities, database and digital libraries will meet to present their works in different collections and databases of teaching books that exist in Europe and Latin America as well as to explore the possibility of developing a common international instrument that will access all of them.

Renowned personalities in the digital humanities field are going to participate at the event such as Eckhardt Fuchs del Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research Germany, Gabriela Ossenbach  MANES Project Spain,  EDISCO  Project Italy and Eugenia Roldán DIE – Cinvestav as well as Elena González Blanco García, Director of LINHD UNED Spain and the IP of the POSTDATA project. She will have a presentation at the master conference regarding Digital  Humanities as new techniques to tackle new research challenges.